Breaking News: PM Shehbaz Unleashes Rs 23 Billion Fund to Drive Innovation and Prosperity

Shahbaz Sharif has approved a budget of Rs 23 billion to improve the situation in PoK.
Prime Minister's Office informed that in order to prevent unexpected protests and establish peace in PoK
PM Shehbaz Sharif chaired a special meeting on Monday. PoK problems
A budget of Rs 23 billion was approved to find a solution. Such situations happen many times in PoK
Have been seen.
PoK needs proper leadership. PoK considering its economic and political problems
There is a need to do.

Troubled by inflation and high electricity rates, the people of Ghulam Kashmir have been on the streets for the last few days.
People are troubled by the increased prices of wheat flour and electricity in Ghulam Kashmir. against inflation
People have come out on the streets. Violent between protesters and security forces on Saturday and Sunday
There was a clash.
Violent clashes took place between security forces and protesters at many places amid the protests. A clash
Three people died and more than 100 were injured. Security forces fired on protesters
Also, due to which three people have died. Meanwhile, six people are injured. protesters demand
That is, free electricity and subsidy on wheat flour should be given.

Protest against sheh pmbaz in london
The information revealed that not only in Kashmir but the voice of this protest was also raised in London.
Have been. Many people also expressed concern over the situation in PoK in London. of violence taking place in PoK
The discussion is happening all over the world, due to which PM Shahbaz is facing a lot of difficulties.
Is lying.

Reduction in electricity rates
A budget of Rs 23 billion was approved to solve the problems of PoK. There itself,
Shahbaz Sharif has approved the reduction of electricity tariffs in PoK.

What did India say on the situation in PoK?

Amidst the ongoing protests against the Pakistan government, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Monday
Reiterated India's stand on the annexation of the occupied territorie