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Ajwain, a small gray green seed that is extracted from a small annual shrub; it contains various branches of small feather-like leaves. Ajwain, a little light black green seed initially from the Eastern Mediterranean, yet now become on stream banks around Central Asia, India, and Egypt. Ajwan has a solid smell, and it poses a flavor like Thyme with inconspicuous varieties in structure and intrigue. Otherwise called “Omam” in southern India where its seeds are refined into water, a typical prescription to cure tooting, acid reflex, and low ravenousness. A people cure tells that in the event that you absorb the seeds lemon squeeze and dry them seven times, it is a cure for weakness. A rich wellspring of Thymol, a fundamental oil and the principle fixing of hack syrup, Ajwain is said to cure barrenness if brought with lemon squeeze and dried seven times. Ajwain runs well with chicken, fish, vegetables, and in curries, alongside turmeric, paprika, cumin, fennel and coriander. Get more information visit:

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