Controversy surrounding self-selection of P medicines sparks debate in pharmacy sector

In a surprising move that has divided the pharmacy profession, the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has sanctioned hundreds of pharmacies to allow
patients to self-select certain Pharmacy (P) medicines, a decision met with strong opposition from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) as well as from the
Pharmacy Defense Association (PDA).

In a statement, RPS shared that at a board meeting held on 19th June, they expressed “disappointment” over what they described as a lack of prior consultation
and comprehensive communication from the GPhC regarding the implications of this policy shift.

They argue that allowing patients to self-select certain P medicines could potentially jeopardize established professional guidelines and compromise the role of
pharmacists in ensuring safe medication use.

“Enabled by the General Pharmaceutical Council, we understand that hundreds of pharmacies, from large multiples to small independents, have been approved by the
regulator to enable patients to self-select certain P medicines,” the statement said.