Dholera Smart City the first and Asia's largest or fastest growing Smart City

For Inquiry or Brochure : Call or Whatsapp 9112211281
Plots Start @ 4.9 Lac Residential
Plot Start @14.9 Lac Commercial
in the heart of Smart city (SIR : Special Investment Region)

Dholera Smart City is India's 1st & Asia's Largest Hi-Tech Smart City

Principal program designer of smart city Halcrow & AeCom the same company that developed the design of Dubai & Singapore

Infrastructure being developed by L&T construction giants

Our Projects are available in SIR region ( Special Investment Region ) & SEZ (Special economic Zone)

Area 922Sq Km with 50% green & Open zone (Almost double the size of new delhi)

International Airport Passenger, cargo & defense (Largest Defense manufacturing hub)Expected to be completed in 2024

world largest solar park

Located within the DMIC (Delhi Mumbai Industrial corridor) roads wide as 250 mt broad

10 Lane Express ways & metro connectivity

International Sea Port

EV friendly roads & smart charging stations on every 1 Km Grid

Trunk based roads & Underground censor based smart features

Electric Line , Gas Line , Severe line , water line , Internet line ..Everything lies underground

Artificial river with riverfront with 8 Km length already developed

Desalination system to convert sea water into purified water for drinking , same technology that is being used in Singapore

India's 1st Lithium Ion Battery plant being developed by TATA

Adani , Reliance , Tata ,Air bus, Mahindra & Many more top Industries

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