Enhancing Independence NDIS Capacity-Building Supports

NDIS capacity-building supports are designed to help individuals with disabilities build their skills, independence, and community participation. These NDIS capacity-building supports are one of the three main NDIS funding categories designed to meet individual needs and goals. Services include improving daily living skills, fostering relationships, promoting physical and mental well-being, accessing educational opportunities, and preparing for employment through job readiness and vocational training. They also support community participation and enhance decision-making and goal-setting skills. These flexible NDIS capacity-building supports are funded through individual NDIS plans, ensuring they meet specific goals and preferences and helping participants achieve greater independence and quality of life. Being a dedicated platform, AnswerUs provides NDIS-related information to participants, providers, and anyone looking for relevant information. Our discussion portal connects participants, caregivers, and professionals, facilitating the sharing experiences and advice to maximise the benefits of NDIS plans.