Finding The Right Therapist Nearby: What And When To Look For?

It isn’t the hardest thing to find the right physiotherapist to treat you, but like many other professions, especially in health, physiotherapy has a
number of different areas of expertise that are governed by strict and high standards of service.

Physiotherapists have to be well educated and officially registered in order to practice. Identifying which therapist is able to provide the treatment for your
specific needs and requires more than just picking up a phone book, or selecting the first site that pops up on google.

Here’s a list of what to look for when selecting a therapist as well as when to look for one.

What to Look for
Check their qualifications
As is the case with any healthcare practitioner, it is important that your physiotherapist is fully qualified and accredited. It is required by law that they
complete a degree at an approved educational institution, and are registered with the Physiotherapy Board. The board is responsible for keeping professional
standards up to where they need to be, and for making sure that the Code of Practice is upheld.