Hotel transport from XENIA HOTEL to Stansted Airport

Xenia Hotel is a hospitality establishment that offers guests a comfortable and convenient stay. The hotel's history dates back to [Insert History Year], when it was established to cater to tourists and business travelers alike. Over the years, Xenia Hotel has built a reputation for providing quality services and amenities to its guests.

Room Price Indications
The room prices at Xenia Hotel vary depending on the type of room, the season, and the length of stay. Generally, guests can expect to find the following price ranges:

Standard Room: $100 – $150 per night
Deluxe Room: $150 – $200 per night
Suite: $250 – $350 per night
It is advisable to check the hotel's official website or contact the hotel directly for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Xenia Hotel offers a wide range of facilities to ensure a comfortable stay for its guests. These include:

24-hour front desk service
Complimentary Wi-Fi access
On-site restaurant and bar
Fitness center and spa
Outdoor swimming pool
Conference and event spaces
Laundry and dry cleaning services
Nearby Touristic Attractions
Located in a prime area, Xenia Hotel is close to several popular tourist attractions. Guests can easily visit:

The Historic Downtown – Explore the local culture and history.
City Park – A perfect place for a leisurely stroll or a picnic.
Museum of Art – Featuring both contemporary and classic art exhibits.
Riverfront Promenade – Enjoy scenic views and dining options.