Integrating ERP with MarTech for Enhanced Marketing Strategies

Tech marketing, or MarTech, is a combination of technology and marketing that has been disrupting traditional marketing techniques up to the present. MarTech solutions ranging from Google AdWords to MailChimp have streamlined marketing operations, resulting in increased campaign efficacy and efficiency. The development of its own data, combined with the usage of information from other sources, leads to the integration of MarTech with Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP] Systems as a strategic move for organizations looking to enhance their operations and drive growth.

In this article, we will dive deeper into why you should integrate your ERP with MarTech
1. Do Specific Remodeling to the ERP

By Bringing collaboration of ERP with MarTech, companies gain the access to specific digital technology to help with some of the challenges that traditional ERP solutions can not furnish completely. However, ERP systems can be considered a reliable environment that ensures the functioning of the key activities: those roles include financial management, human resource and supply chain management as heart of the organization, but that cannot be the only requirements for competing in the current market. Organizations can utilize business tools in the market that are like Salesforce (for lead generation) and optimizely (for A/B testing) in order to enhance ERP systems and also data analytics to have the whole company data-driven and the facts-based decision-making.

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Integrating ERP with MarTech for Enhanced Marketing Strategies

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