PDA partners with Aston University to expand pharmacists’ role in clinical services

In a bid to amplify the role of pharmacists in clinical services and vaccination programs, the Pharmacists’ Defence Association (PDA) has embarked on a
groundbreaking collaboration with Aston University.

This initiative, funded by Innovate UK Business Connect, aims to explore the feasibility and impact of integrating additional healthcare interventions within
community pharmacies.

“The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) research project represents an exciting opportunity to advance the role of pharmacists in patient care,” remarked
Alison Jones, Director of Policy at PDA.

“This project will be an important part of that evolution, supporting individual pharmacists to have more opportunities to practice and so develop more fulfilling

Led by the PDA and Aston University, the project will commence imminently, focusing on the Priory Community Pharmacy in Dudley.