Pharmacy Leaders applaud Lib Dem election manifesto for sustainable healthcare reforms

Released on Monday morning, the election manifesto shared by the Liberal Democrats pledges to “strengthen patients’ rights” by tackling public health
inequalities and providing early access to community services.

The Liberal Democrats Party’s manifesto promises to address the issues at both the “front and back doors” of the National Health Service (NHS), which the party
claims has been plunged into crisis by the Conservatives.

Pledging to invest in public health and early access to community services, the party aims to “work towards a fairer and more sustainable long-term funding model
for pharmacies and build on the Pharmacy First approach to give patients more accessible routine services and ease the pressure on GPs.”

The pledge also includes making prescriptions for people with chronic mental health conditions free on the NHS, as part of a wider commitment to review the entire
schedule of exemptions for prescription charges.