Restaurants in Hiran Magri, Rooftop Restaurant in Hiran Magri

The restaurants in Hiran Magri,Vrajraj Restaurant & Pool are perfect for food lovers as they offer a variety of dining options that can cater for every preference and pocket. Whether you like the taste of other countries, or just want something local like street snacks, is fine…you will not be disappointed since here both international cuisines as well as our own streetside favourites are available at will…also Rajasthani thalis is like everywhere. The ambiance of rooftop restaurant in Hiran Magri is delightful. They have made use of some background soft music to create relaxed atmosphere as you relax or chat with friends.The seating is warm, the arrangement is intimate and there is also gentle lighting for that cozy feeling desired by many people in such places as these on their date night. A tactile rich dining experience is provided by rooftop restaurant at Hiran Magri, Vrajraj Restaurant & Pool.