Salesforce Einstein GPT vs. ChatGPT

Both Einstein GPT and ChatGPT solve the similar purpose of letting us humans talk and interact with computers in a plain language. And why do we need to talk to computers? Well, to get answers to queries or giving responses to all sorts of things. So when both are like friends who can help us find answers, then the question is which is a better friend you can trust more. Which of these can I trust is giving me factually correct answers? Or which of these tools can I trust will not share my sensitive data with unauthorized users or programs? Also, which of these tools can give me answers based on the real time CRM data as that is particularly valuable in business settings, where decisions often rely on the latest customer information available to get an edge above competitors? Answer to all above questions is -Einstein GPT. And that's the most simplified answer to ChatGPT vs Einstein GPT! Want to know more why SALESFORCE EINSTEIN GPT is the next big thing? Read more about Salesforce Einstein GPT by Cymetrix Software.