Satisfaction with UK’s healthcare system drops significantly: STADA Health Report 2024

The STADA Health Report 2024, published today, has revealed a significant decline in satisfaction with national healthcare systems across Europe, with a
notable drop seen in the UK, Germany, and Kazakhstan.

According to the report, satisfaction with the UK’s healthcare system dropped sharply by 11 percentage points in just one year, falling from 67 percent in 2023
to 56 percent in 2024, likely fuelled by “post-pandemic pressure on the National Health Service (NHS).” In 2020, satisfaction stood at 85 percent before declining
to its current level.

In terms of discontentment over healthcare, Britain is followed closely by Kazakhstan and Germany, where satisfaction fell by 10 and 8 percent respectively in
one year.

The 10th annual health report released by global healthcare leader STADA Arzneimittel AG, the parent company of Thornton & Ross, is based on a survey of over
46,000 respondents aged 18 to 99 across 32 countries, with around 2,000 respondents in each country.

A continuous decline in satisfaction levels has been observed since 2021. Overall satisfaction with healthcare systems in Europe was recorded at 74 percent in
2020, just before the pandemic. This figure dropped to 71 percent in 2021, 64 percent in 2022, and 61 percent in 2023.