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"Looking for Fibroid Treatment in Gurugram? Do you know Dr. Preeti’s best Doctor for Uterine Fibroid Treatment in Gurgaon? fibroids refer to tumors in the uterus that are composed of smooth muscle cells and fibrous connective tissue. Nearly 30 percent of women are estimated to develop fibroids at some point in their lives, but not all exhibit symptoms and need treatment.

Uterine fibroids refer to growths present within or on the uterus walls. These fibroids can occur as a single entity or as multiple growths, varying in size from an apple seed to as large as a grapefruit or even more significant. Fibroids can either decrease or increase in size over time. If you are experiencing problems because of fibroids during pregnancy, then we at Dr. Preeti Rastogi – Fibroid Treatment Gynae, are there to help you receive a painless delivery."