Yoga as a Way of Life: Applying Ancient Wisdom to Modern Living | HUA

Hindu University of America aims to instill a lifelong passion for learning and a commitment to living in harmony with the world. The university encourages critical thinking, academic excellence, and spiritual growth, empowering students to explore their identities, find purpose in their lives, and engage constructively in society to serve humanity. Yoga extends beyond physical postures and mats; it encompasses a profound philosophy outlined by sage Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras. These sutras elucidate principles guiding human existence, emphasizing alignment with one's cosmic purpose (Dharma) to attain purification and liberation (Moksha). The 'Masterclass in Yoga Concepts' delves into these principles, fostering cosmic awareness applicable to all facets of life. Attendees are invited to engage in inquiry, shaping their lives towards yogic living. This holistic approach transcends mere practice, offering a path to understanding Ultimate Reality and achieving spiritual fulfillment.